Cover for the latest issue of The Red Claw #4 coming out on Free Comic Book Day this year. clear Kelly Jones Knightfall cover homage. 

My piece for Bottleneck Gallery’s Winter is Here Game of Thrones Show. you can snag a print here on their page and check out some of the other killer artists.

Tee Design for Bury Me In Autumn.

The sequel to A Cloaked Death, a piece I tried to bring stillness to.

Birth Of The Usurper deals with the release of tension and the beginning of a new wave of evil

One color Screen print 
on 100# French Press 
limited edition of 50

18 x 24

comes signed and numbered, 
rolled in tissue, mailed in a poster 

All orders shipped via USPS, tracking included. please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery. international orders please allow up to 5 weeks, tracking is unavailable for orders overseas.

tee design for Better Left Unsaid

Cover for American Hell’s new album The Great Dying. loved working on every inch of this piece. The band also gave me the time to reread Animal Farm in preparation of doing the album artwork. I read it when I was a child, but as an adult seeing how brilliant all of the allegorical references that were lost to me as a child came just crashing through, especially in this crazy political climate we permanently live within now. 

check them out.

Tee Design to support American Hells new record

I was asked by the folks over at Style Over Substance to create a fan art homage to one of the greatest films of my formative years, The Crow. This was a joy to create, and I found it difficult to reign in going completely overboard with the story’s narrative, and just make a cool looking poster.

"They Keep Calling Me" is a 18x24 3 color screenprint. You can get one here:

"The Forgotten Son of Phobos" DOOM snowboard I illustrated. 
you can snag one up from Bethesda HERE