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FINALLY! some new NOMOON tees! available now in my shop. 
the Nightstalker tees are at the printshop at the moment and I’ll have them to ship out next week! super excited I finally got some of these out. 

If you don’t know, NOMOON has been a small label i’ve been releasing tees under and other crypto-conspiracy products. I started a site called, a news aggregate site for all of the conspiracy, alien, and bigfoot stuff I’m into. granted i’ve slacked on updating the links lately (WHO HAS THE TIME?!!) but the spirit is still alive. 

The Name? I came across a mock conspiracy site years ago about how the moon does not exist, and is a hologram put in the sky by the elites. I found that the arguments and counterpoints by and to the author, was the perfect summation of what conspiracies on the internet are. The never ending argument, curiosity, search for validation, and ridiculousness is a huge source of inspiration and entertainment for me. I think i’ll be largely disappointed after bigfoot is actually found, because no matter what, the chase was real. 

did this piece as a personal commission for a great guy over in the UK. 24x36 2 color on black

'Divine Grace Through Sin”
personal piece i’ve been wanting to do for a while. I’m offering it as a limited to 50 11x17 digital print. here in my shop!

pen and ink piece I did. 11x14. original up in my store and is available for purchase

Tee design for Twin Serpents after Dore’s piece The Black Eagle of Prussia. Probably one of my favorite pieces I’ve done. Dore was a huge influence on me and his Dante’s Inferno plates guided what was to be my college thesis until my father passed away and forced me to change focus on something a little more personal. 

my homage to the film Antichrist. 24x36 3 color silk screened poster. you can purchase one here

new SASQUATCH 13x19 screen printed posters are now up for sale in my store. Hand pulled single color screen on 100lb French Paper. signed and numbered edition of 50.

I also included the ability to get a sketch in the margin for those interested in such things!

get one now by clicking my store link or here at

Cover for the latest issue of The Red Claw #4 coming out on Free Comic Book Day this year. clear Kelly Jones Knightfall cover homage.